Ольга Цирекидзе

29 лет, Украина, Киев

Заходила 24 января 2021, 20:36

Интересные факты о Ольга Цирекидзе
Дата рождения 26 декабря
Статус в ВК: Онлайн - школа по фотографии скоро ❤️
1105 друзей в ВКонтакте
Проживает в городе Киев
Краткое резюме: I have started to work as a photographer when I was 17. In 2010 I was admitted to the Academy of Culture and Arts on the specialty “camera and photo skills”. I have entered the top 280 fashion artists of CIS in 2012. This year I am in the top 10 fashion-industry professionals. I’m very active and cheerful person and I like travelling round the world taking photos of girls of different nationalities. You can’t even imagine how different they are. Different people and different places give me something new every day. Now I'm 27. I live in Prague and Zurich. I'm very happy to be a fashion photographer. I,m shooting for ESCADA, STEFANEL, VOGUE, PRIM IN MY PUMPS mag, ( CA, UK ) etc . I,m happy about working with models of different kind and just with people who simply want to have their personal fashion photos. Photography is an Art, and I love it!
Родился в городе Kiev

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